Mapping Impro – Creating an Improvisation Machine

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Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst
Urbanstrasse 25, 70182 Stuttgart
Workshop findet statt in Raum 8.15 (8. Ebene, ganz rechts).

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Language: English
Participation free of charge
Binding registration required (limited number of participants), prior experience with Max 8 required.

Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst
Urbanstrasse 25, 70182 Stuttgart
The workshop takes place in room 8.15 (8th level, far right).

Please appear in good time to fill in the data for corona-related contact follow-up at the entrance gate of HMDK. A corona quick test is recommended, but not necessary. Alternatively, there is the possibility to participate in the workshop via zoom.

The musical improvisation machine is considered in this context as a system comprising of performance analysis functions and automated interactions rules, which operate to create sounds in an improvised performance setting. It is a fluid figure, whose identity shifts between being its own improvising entity, external to the human performer, to being a functional extension of the human performer’s mindbody and musical toolbox. Many factors contribute to the shifts in perception between these two identities, one of which is the careful curation of interaction rules that are programmed into the machine upon its creation.

This workshop provides an overview of improvisation machine architectures as they exist in published literature and teaches students how to begin building their own improvisation machine within the MaxMSP programming environment, using the basics of the AIYA1 architecture as a starting point. The goal of the workshop is not to achieve technical expertise, but rather to give participants a starting point for continued exploration in the field of machine-improvised music. Pre-made MaxMSP modules will be provided to the students to help facilitate the construction of the machine within the alotted time frame of the workshop. The improvisation machine used for this workshop will be made available to the public via the Creative Commons license.

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